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First person soccer with pistols... what could go wrong?


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Supraball is a first person soccer game. Though it keeps some of the basic rules of this sport, it also adds some new ones that make it a completely unique experience.

First of all, in Supraball players have a type of gravity pistol that you can use to control the ball as well as to pass it or to shoot at the goal.

In addition, in Supraball teams only have five players and they are all outside of the goal. That is to say, the ball will bounce against the walls as long as it doesn't go too high.

Other than that, Supraball is very similar to soccer: the goal is to score more goals than your opponent does by trying to get the ball into the rival team's goal. In order to do so, the best thing to do is to pass the ball between your team members, trying to keep your rivals from stealing it.

As is common, each team will have a goalie, who moves a little bit more quickly than the players on the field do. So, each game will usually finish with each team having scored a few goals, without going over the top.

Supraball is a very fun sport game that adds a unique twist to a normal soccer game, creating a completely unique gaming experience. In addition, thanks to the power and versatility of the Unreal Engine, Supraball has some outstanding visuals and animations.
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